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Periscope Data Winter 2019 Release: Build a Holistic View of Your Data with App Connectors

If you’re involved in building business intelligence for your organization, you’ve probably had to solve the challenge of getting data from one place to another as a critical step to create a holistic view of your data. 

Unifying various data sources is a daunting task that requires many hours of effort from data teams to build and maintain. That valuable time could otherwise be spent on higher-value problems like transforming raw data from your warehouse into actionable insights. At Periscope Data, we’ve made this step much easier with our latest release of app connectors

Periscope Data will take care of the manual work connecting to the most popular data sources like Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Jira, and Marketo. With easy connections to those data sources, you can:

  • Unblock your data teams: Clear your data team’s backlog from building in-house ETL processes so they can focus on the highest impact projects
  • Answer questions faster: Data from your most popular sources can be queried and modeled immediately to answer questions within minutes
  • Create a single source of truth: Easily ingest and blend data across the organization to create a truly holistic view 

Life After Ingestion with Data Engine

By combining our new app connectors with our Data Engine, you’ll have end-to-end control over the data pipelines that power your BI and analytics. In the same platform, you’ll also have the data transformations that drive those high-impact insights you seek. This makes it easy to unify disparate sources of data and bring it back into your warehouse to power more advanced analysis. 

If you’re already a Periscope Data customer and you’re interested in learning more about app connectors, contact your customer success manager. If your company isn’t a customer yet, the best way to see these features in action is to try them for yourself. Get a free trial of Periscope Data and start experimenting today!


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Amy Lin
Amy joined Periscope Data's product marketing team to understand customer needs and bridge the gap between people and product. Outside of marketing and positioning Periscope Data, you can find her at a local yoga studio, enjoying live music or thinking about what to eat next.