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Periscope Data: Spring 2019 Release

Enhance Your Analytics Workflow with Periscope Data

Companies are dealing with higher volumes of data than ever, and it can be challenging to collect insights from data fast enough to answer the business questions that will drive the company forward. Often, these insights come from being able to respond quickly to questions that were not initially anticipated.

Answering these critical questions immediately requires the right tool. This spring, Periscope Data continues to advance the workflows needed to help data experts get more done in a fraction of the time while also making analytics available to business teams across the organization. We're excited to announce the following new features that boost how companies connect, analyze, visualize and share their insights to get more value out of their data.


Periscope Data enables data teams to spend more time on analysis and less time managing multiple tech stacks to optimize query performance. We’ve made big strides this spring to connect ingestion and modeling capabilities to the rest of the analytics workflow within the same platform with Data Engine. Stay tuned for updates in the next few months that will provide data teams with tools to improve productivity, optimize query performance and create a single source of truth for the organization.


The path from data to insight can be extensive and repetitive for both data experts and business professionals. Periscope Data enables all users to analyze data easily on their own with powerful query capabilities for data teams and improvements to the drag-and-drop experience for non-SQL users:

  • CSV Upload for End Users: Enable users to visually explore data, create charts and find insights on their own without needing to write SQL. Using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, users can upload their own CSV files for simple data exploration and snapshot reporting.
  • Exploration Mode for SQL Users: Begin exploring data with one click. Save the results as a new chart to share with others or start another exploration to answer a new question.
  • Summary Statistics Tab: With the Summary Statistics tab, data teams can build confidence in their datasets and reduce the risk of duplicate work. Quickly understand the high-level profile of the data, identify errors and understand the relationships of different variables in the data with this interactive tab available in the SQL, Views and Alerts editor.
  • Python / R Views Update: It is now faster to centralize reusable code and business logic with improved data freshness by creating Python/R Views directly from any source database connected to Periscope Data.


Choosing the right visualization is critical to communicate the insights just gleaned from the data. Whether it’s creating highly custom, interactive charts or joining results of predictive models with actual data, Periscope Data brings SQL, Python and R together into one seamless workflow with expanded support for the following:

Support for New Python Libraries:
  • highly customizable and interactive charts
  • Prophet: forecasting for time series data
Support for New R Packages:
  • highly customizable and interactive charts
  • CaTools: calculation of moving averages
  • Kknn, Kernlab: classification and prediction
  • Forecast: forecasting for time series data


Once the visualizations and insights are in place, the next step is to share them broadly with others. For those who need a fast way to share ad hoc insights, Periscope Data has expanded the following capabilities: 

  • Slack integration: Share insights by posting dashboard widgets to Slack without interrupting your existing Periscope Data workflows. In April, we’ll be adding scheduled report delivery to Slack.
For Site Admins

In addition to updating the analytics workflow, we’ve also invested in making it easier for site administrators to organize their Periscope Data site and manage user access with the following updates:

  • Organization (Topics & Official Badge): Organize dashboards, Snippets, Views and Alerts into Topics and surface approved content with an official badge icon to enable users to quickly get to relevant, accurate content to make data-driven decisions.

If you’re already a Periscope Data customer and you’re interested in some of these new features, contact your customer success manager. If your company isn’t a Periscope Data customer, the best way to see these features in action is to try them for yourself. Get a free trial of Periscope Data and start experimenting today. Stay tuned to the Periscope Data blog to read more about the exciting features we release later in 2019 and beyond.


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Amy Lin
Amy joined Periscope Data's product marketing team to understand customer needs and bridge the gap between people and product. Outside of marketing and positioning Periscope Data, you can find her at a local yoga studio, enjoying live music or thinking about what to eat next.