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Introducing Color Themes: A New Way to Help Your Data Shine

You’ve been asking—now the wait is over. We’re excited to announce the release of Color Themes, a new feature that lets users apply custom color palettes at the Space, dashboard, and chart level.

Our customers have let us know how important it is that their charts be visually consistent with other materials they produce. Color Themes lets you do this, quickly and easily. Using this feature, you can set up a series of custom palettes that can be applied by default, or simply selected as desired via a drop-down menu. Get creative with the time you save! Generate Color Themes for your favorite colors, sports teams, and of course, to match your—or your customers’—brand style guidelines.

Themes will carry over when you share data, so embedded dashboards, email reports, and even charts and dashboards shared using our Slack integration will appear exactly how you want them to.

With this feature, colors can be employed for more meaningful effect. Themes can be set and updated across multiple dashboards, letting you customize colors based on the type of data or target audience.

Color Themes are currently an add-on feature. Want to learn more? Contact support of check out the existing documentation. When you’re ready to get started with Color Themes, email


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Rya Sciban
Rya moved to SF lured with the promise of lots of data. At Periscope Data, she turns her inquisitive mind towards product management and making Periscope the analytics tool of the future.