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6 Reasons to Join the New Periscope Data Community

Over the past several years Periscope Data has had the opportunity to work with some of the most talented data professionals worldwide. From data analysts and scientists to business users, we have met a community of incredibly talented people who love to share their work and learn from others.

That's why we are thrilled to announce the launch of our new space for SQL and analytics discussion — The Periscope Data Community — and you can become a member right now by signing up here!

There are plenty of technical resources online (and we love to write them ourselves), but there has never been a good space to discuss business intelligence in broader terms. The Periscope Data Community will be a place to talk with your fellow analysts and learn how your peers are getting their work done — from the nitty gritty details of model implementation to the challenge of growing a data team.

Our vision is to connect all data analysts, engineers, scientists and business users to talk data and analytics — Periscope Data user or not. We want all our customers to join us, but we welcome all data lovers to join the discussion. 

Here are a few more great reasons for you to join.

Discuss Business Intelligence with Fellow Data Junkies

Have you ever wondered if your company should build a marketing mixed model? Or if you should build or purchase a lead scoring system?

Most of the challenges we face in analytics have been faced before, yet we often develop our own solutions to solved problems. In the Periscope Data Community, you will have the opportunity to connect with other experts in the field and find great ideas for tackling your next data project, or share the work that helped you!

Learn About Periscope Data — From Future Plans to Useful Tips

Whether you want to learn about future plans for product or learn awesome tricks that change how you use Periscope Data, our community will be a place for you to learn. Even if you have your analytics stack nailed and are a Periscope grand master, there will always be a bit more to know — for instance, have you tried using a dark SQL editor?

Network With Other Amazing Data Professionals

With over 20,000 monthly active users, Periscope Data has a huge user base of industry professionals across all ability levels, interests and industries. Whether you are new analyst, experienced engineer or the founder of a small business just getting their analytics off the ground, the Periscope Data community will give you the opportunity to meet your peers, grow your career or drive your business forward.

Get Useful SQL Code and Datasets

Whether it's lookup tables for lat-long coordinates or SQL code to create funnel charts, the Periscope Data Community will be a place to share resources that can help us get work done easier and faster, or inspire us to try a new idea.

We hope you'll join us in helping the community by sharing the snippets of code and datasets that make your work better and life a bit easier.

Discover New Events in Your Area

Stay up-to-date with Periscope Data plans and don't miss a chance to join us for face-to-face events in your neighborhood.

We hold user events in cities across America, and are formalizing these user groups now, starting with our first user group held recently in Toronto. On November 2, we are launching our first user group event in San Francisco.

Meet the Periscope Data Team

Periscope Data has always been the most customer-driven company I have had the opportunity to work with. That's why we are thrilled to have another platform to interact with analysts and Periscope Data users. Our amazing solutions team and engineers will be on the forum to answer questions and share ideas — and to learn from you.

We Hope to See You Soon

Whether you are looking for technical resources, inspiration or to network with fellow data professionals, we hope you'll join us in building a space for analysts to connect and further the state of the industry. With all of us learning from one another we know we can do faster and more insightful work. 

Want to discuss this article? Join the Periscope Data Community!

Sean Cook
Sean has chased the best tech from San Diego to NYC to SF working in GIS, data science and marketing. You can find him alternatively creating dazzling new analyses and driving content strategy at Periscope Data.