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Introducing Periscope Data for Slack

Sharing and communication is central to Periscope Data. After completing the perfect analysis, data visualization, or dashboard the next step is always sharing it with someone—your boss, the CEO, your team, or anyone else at your company. This is how work happens, projects get started, and decisions are made. The faster data flows through your company, the more effective you’ll be. This is why we’ve built powerful sharing features with linking, email, and embedding.

Over the past year our customers have asked us to improve our link sharing functionality in a place where they are increasingly working and communicating more: Slack. We’re excited to announce that we’ve done just that. We’ve built an app that will improve sharing charts and dashboards from Periscope Data in Slack.

If you are so excited that you just can’t wait any longer, you can install it right now. If you want to know how it works, read on.

It’s really quite simple. We’re using a new Slack feature called app unfurls to bring information in context, right alongside your other work. After installing our app, any chart or dashboard link shared in Slack will feature a beautiful message preview. The contents of charts and dashboards will show up right in Slack! Simply copy and paste a URL and we’ll do the rest. Here’s how it works:

Clarity is critical in conversations involving data. We built our app to improve any conversation happening in Slack involving Periscope Data charts and dashboards. No one will have to blindly click a link to understand a discussion. The information you need will be right there in the context of your conversation. And of course, anyone clicking a link will know where they’ll land.

We’re also keenly aware that many Periscope Data customers have charts and dashboards that are restricted to a subset of users for privacy reasons. We’ve taken this into consideration for our Slack app. For these types of links, we’ll unfurl the name of the dashboard or chart being shared, but will not include specific data or information. Here’s a sample for how these links will appear:

We hope you enjoy using our Slack app. Here are two more detailed resources to help get you started:

We’re always here if you need help. You can reach us via chat in your Periscope Data account, or you can get in touch by sending an email to

Happy Periscoping!


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