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How Oscar Health Solves Complex Problems with Advanced Product Analytics

One of the greatest challenges in modern healthcare is finding a way to analyze all of the available data to offer better products and improve the overall health of customers. New York-based health insurance provider Oscar Health is taking advantage of cutting-edge analysis to give consumers a truly optimized product experience.

The Oscar Data Team: From Siloed to Standardized

Their mission is to use technology and data to build a consumer-focused healthcare experience. The Oscar product team tracks huge volumes of data related to members’ health care, business integrations, claims data and product interactions. They have a centralized data team, but each of their data scientists is embedded in other teams around the company. This hybrid approach lets them provide real-time data to every necessary stakeholder and still take on deeper analytical projects.

Last week, our team was lucky to have Clare Lynch, data scientist of product at Oscar Health, join us for a webinar to discuss how they use analytics to solve complex problems. When she first joined Oscar Health, they had very siloed data sources and combining different sources of information to answer questions was time consuming and highly manual.

With Periscope Data, all of that changed. Clare and her team combine an enormous amount of data into a standardized, blended dataset that offers a comprehensive view of the customer base. That dataset makes it much easier to understand how well the product is actually fitting customer needs.

Establishing a Single Source of Truth

With all of the information housed in a single source of truth, the data team can expand the reach of analytics inside the company, preparing datasets and dashboards for individual stakeholders. Now everyone has exactly the right information to make more informed decisions.

At Oscar, the data team blends data from every available source into a single platform and then grants access to specific parts so every individual has exactly the information they need. For product managers, this means fewer requests to the data team and more freedom to dig around inside of clean datasets to generate insights. This approach to analytics is a huge improvement in productivity for both the data team and the product managers they work with.

More Bandwidth for A/B Tests

The pre-built dashboards answer a lot of the day-to-day analytics questions, allowing the data team to focus their efforts on more advanced and complex questions. With the additional bandwidth, the data team has been working on improvements to their A/B tests.

In the past, A/B tests were a manual process without a defined endpoint, but the Oscar team created a tool in Python to standardize the testing framework and determine a sample size that will give an accurate result. They’ve also automated the reporting process for tests, which allows them to test and iterate features rapidly. All these improvements have allowed them to test on a much larger scale with a reduced frequency of inaccurate or rejected results.

To learn more about the innovative data work that Clare and the Oscar Health team are doing, watch our How Oscar Health Solves Complex Problems with Advanced (Product) Analytics webinar.


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Scott Castle
Scott is the head of product at Pericope Data. He brings over 20 years of experience in software development and product management at leading technology companies including Adobe, Electric Cloud, and FileNet.