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Go Deeper With Your Data

Data is everywhere. Every company, regardless of size, industry or maturity is evolving to collect information about every aspect of their business — customers, operations, revenue, product usage, market trends and that’s just the beginning. At Gartner’s 2018 Data & Analytics Summit, the leaders of this data renaissance will gather together to discuss the future of the field and develop strategies to manage large-scale data creation. It’s easy to get caught in swimming in all this information without a strategy to generate real value from it.

At Periscope Data, we think there’s more to the story — a need to go deeper. It’s not enough to realize the importance of collecting information. The business value comes in uncovering hidden trends for the right people and turning raw data into actionable operations that create value. The data revolution has already started and the winners will not be the companies that collect the most data, it’ll be those that analyze the information at the greatest depth.

Our Unified Data Platform, which we’ll be showcasing at the summit, empowers leaders of business units to access dashboards that give them the information they need in seconds, without constantly relying on central IT teams. For these business leaders, it’s not enough to simply present them with information; going deeper means utilizing a data platform that uncovers insights that aren’t easy to see at first glance, presenting them in a way that is easy to translate into action. This approach fosters an environment of analytics-based decisions from leaders of every team.

With valuable information accessible to more people at an organization, the data pros can also strengthen their focus on deeper analysis and dedicate more time and energy to answering the company’s most complicated questions.

For data and BI teams, Periscope supports SQL, Python and R on a single platform, enabling analysts to answer more sophisticated questions with more accuracy. These skilled, technical teams can use Periscope to look beyond standard queries and generate new business value with improved capabilities like clustering, regressions and predictions. These new superpowers deliver the information that stakeholders need to make important business decisions faster and easier. With the addition of Python and R, data teams can be more innovative with their analysis and problem solving.

Periscope Data allows teams to easily turn this new information into dashboards that can be shared internally to adjust operations. The advanced analytics can even be directly embedded into products to improve reaction time and save costs. Allowing a data team to explore these new depths is only half the battle. If they can’t easily share their findings with relevant stakeholders and translate them into processes, the value is lost.

The final piece of going deep with data is the removal of obstacles that delay the realization of value. Periscope Data is designed to start providing value immediately. All it takes is a simple connection between your data sources and our platform and you can begin building dashboards and diving into the numbers. The setup process takes less than an hour with no need to learn new proprietary languages. Our approach offers customers a direct path from data to insights without the complicated, monthslong upfront data modeling process. This agile workflow allows business and data teams to evolve their analytics to truly reflect their business as it changes. By removing these labor-intensive processes, we allow customers to generate deeper, more accurate and more relevant insights.

If you’re attending this year’s Gartner Data & Analytics Summit, stop by our booth (#529) and talk to one of our experts about how Periscope Data empowers your team to go deeper with your data.


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