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Delivering Product Data with Embedded Dashboards

Once your team has developed a strategy for using real-time data to help with product management decisions, there’s still a lot to do. You need to combine all of the necessary data sources on a single platform and dig into the analytics. I’ve already gone into detail about the three types of reporting that I use at Periscope Data, but we still need to discuss the final critical piece of the analytics process: delivery.

While a lot of the responsibility for making product decisions is on my team, the results of those decisions impact every part of the company. I need an easy way to share key metrics and insights with each of those stakeholders. Periscope Data’s embedded dashboards are the perfect tool for this. Embedded analytics allow anyone to create dashboards in Periscope and then publish it inside an internal application or everyday tools such as Salesforce, Jira or Sharepoint. Once a dashboard is created and embedded, the data automatically refreshes as often as you’d like, so all you have to do is build the relevant BI dashboards once. It’s a simple process, but it saves a lot of time and effort while still ensuring that everyone has the most up-to-date information.

This means that every team has the same access to a uniform set of data, so business decisions and cross-functional alignment happen much quicker. For example, consider the recent release of Periscope Data discovery for business. My product team collected information about how the new feature affected usage — with a whole new type of user getting access to the product, it was very important for us to monitor how they were behaving. What types of charts were they creating? How much time do they spend in the product?

Think of all the other uses for that data. From analyzing the success of targeted marketing campaigns to conversion rates, there were lots of business impacts and questions to be answered. That information was useful for the customer success managers of accounts that had turned on the new feature. They needed to know what effect that feature was having on each customer’s engagement metrics (CSAT, NPS, retention, growth) and usage patterns. The data was also vital for CSMs who manage accounts considering an upgrade in the near future. Operationally, Periscope’s support team needed to know specifics about issues that new users are running into since it will help them prepare for incoming tickets. Our sales and marketing teams also wanted to know which features of discovery for business are the most beneficial so they can craft messaging for future prospects.

A lot of people at the company have an interest in the results of that new feature, but building operational dashboards to answer one-off requests for each of them is not a scalable solution. Instead of doing that, I can set up a dashboard with all of the relevant information in it and embed that dashboard where the teams do their work (Salesforce, Jira, etc.) and they’ll always have access to the product information they need. Even better, if they have specific questions, they can dive into the data and answer them on their own.

The Periscope Data customers page is full of stories from companies such as Crisis Text Line, Permutive, LightningAI and Carthook that use embedded analytics to instantly deliver information to stakeholders without additional effort or stress. These customers use embedded business intelligence dashboards to share metrics and increase data literacy internally, and in many cases, externally. The embeds amplify the work of the product team by putting the charts they create in more places and also reducing the frequency of ad-hoc requests. The embedded dashboards are fully interactive, so any stakeholders can easily filter and drill down to get the information they need.

If you want to see what an embedded dashboard looks like, head over to our embedded analytics and explore our sample dashboard. Be sure to hover over the charts for more detail and apply different filters to the data to see how simple it is to view the information in a new way.

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Rya Sciban
Rya moved to SF lured with the promise of lots of data. At Periscope Data, she turns her inquisitive mind towards product management and making Periscope the analytics tool of the future.